100> Review: Justice League

DC didn’t quite hit the mark on this one, Justice League. Although I enjoyed it, but let’s be honest, there are not many movies I don’t, this one has quite a few flaws with it. Even though at the beginning it says, Directed by Zack Snyder, it is painstakingly obvious that two hands were on the wheel. It’s well documented that Joss Whedon took the helm at some point, and you can definitely see the tonality difference from one scene to the next. This was the biggest issue for me. And don’t get me started on the mustache Henry Cavill…

Word count: 100

Justice League (Blu-Ray): https://amzn.to/2P79nwE

Justice League (DVD): https://amzn.to/2P7dzMW

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  1. Steve Surjaputra

    I have to agree with you slightly. I grew up loving DC Comics. All I read were DC Comics and all I watched were DC Heroes such as Superman, Justice League, Batman, and Shazam. The only Marvel I watched was Spider-Man. However, that all changed when MCU Movies started coming out. I enjoyed them a lot more. I must admit I enjoyed Green Lantern (with Ryan Reynolds) although everyone thought it was stupid. I didn’t even see Batman vs Superman due to the comments on it. I was also hesitant on seeing this one, but I still liked it. I wouldn’t buy it on DVD, though.

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