Why I started a Blog/Website? (and why you should too)

This is clearly a good question to start with and blog about as when starting on a personal project not everyone will be attuned to your motives and goals. Potentially leading down an assumption of you just “following the crowd”. Granted, blogging is something that everyone and their dog is doing, no joke check out Bongo the Dog Blog. So why get a blog if everyone and even mutts are having them?


First, what’s my goal in life, this one took me a few years to understand and get a grasp of in one sentence and I believe it is my goal in life, whether I make it or not, I aspire to become a prolific writer. Now, your two-year-old reading over your shoulder is saying (with spittle) “pftt, gah prific wrutur?” I hear you my dear, well let’s look at Google’s definition.



(of a plant, animal, or person) producing much fruit or foliage or many offspring." in captivity, tigers are prolific breeders"

present in large numbers or quantities; plentiful." mahogany was once prolific in the tropical forests"

So with the description of prolific with the noun writer, my goal is to produce lots and lots of writings. Simple right, I mean there’s tons I could do in that field, and I could get very specific but for anyone who knows me I love entertainment and I love trying new things. So when I say prolific, I mean a lot of everything. Long story short, I want to be a prolific writer, so naturally, I’d get a blog/website to hold most of it in the beginning.


Having a blog and a website to call my own, or at least call it my own name, allows me to focus on something that I can control 100%. Going the route of different websites or platforms leaves me to the whims of whatever the developer wants to do, good or bad. I can focus on creating content and not worrying about if the layout will change, or if it will it will be by my design.

It will also train me and my aloof brain to focus and keep to a schedule, as I tend to be thrown into different opportunities and ideas. This will allow and force me to get things done for the sake of the blog website, do some of the nitty gritty “not-fun” things like SEO, marketing etc. And also force me to get past writers’ block and just write, good or bad. Focus is good.

Enhance Skills

With the forcing of my hand to write, I can see more and more my pitfalls of writing, find my own voice, and learn to be creative in the way I present information. Basically enhancing my skills. There will be flaws and there will be small victories, but the skill level will remain only constant or diminish if I don’t write consistently.

This will also give me an opportunity to have something to send to people I hold in high regard to give me feedback. That being said, I am always open to feedback from anybody because lying in that feedback may just be the gem that opens up a great many doors. Not enough people give feedback today, shame.

New Things

A big portion of having my own blog and website is that I can do whatever I want to do with it, so to speak. There may come a time that I have a huge following and it’ll just make sense to figure out what makes them happy… but I ain’t anywhere near that.

By being able to do whatever, I can try new things, experiment, be an adventurer in my own little corner of the internet. Podcast? Sure, I can host and write about it here. Games? Absolutely, create a word based adventure to see if I can word-smith an exciting story one moment at a time. Erotica? WHY NOT! I may have to put this behind a membership for 18+, but still, I can do anything and try anything I want to right here.

Broaden the horizons.

Let People In

One of the misconceptions of writers, at least to the writers, is that they need to be discovered. How very true it can be and helpful to have a publisher or a large audience to discover you and send you to new heights. Wouldn’t it be easier if you were to have a megaphone and a ton of stuff to throw them… that would get at least someone’s attention.

Letting people know who you are and what you can do is just one of many steps in a writers process. Mixed with multiple styles of writing in one place, they get hooked on one piece come in and see you have multiple styles you can smith, they are more likely to be impressed at the prolific nature (more you write, the more they can sell).

So, make sure to be yourself on your website, I will be doing my best to be me. And yes there will be days where you aren’t, but just look back to the enhancing your skills section!

Build a legacy

Lastly, I want to build something I can be proud of, something I can mold, something that is mine that at the end of the day won’t always be there. But at least I will have something for my future kids to see, maybe to share, maybe to just set them up and show them that whatever they want to do there will be a place for them.

*sniffle* huh? Ok back to the meat.

Why should YOU build a blog/website?

Very simple, take the parts of this blog and just put yourself into that situation. Now you may not be a writer but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn to FOCUS on your craft, ENHANCE YOUR SKILLS AND KNOWLEDGE on your hobby, TRY NEW THINGS and then document them and best of all LET PEOPLE IN, let people know who you are and what you are about. You may find some people that start to follow you are similar and you aren’t the only weird person who has a constant hint of fresh fish smell lingering.

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