100> Review: The Foreigner (Movie)

I had my doubts about ‘The Foreigner’ but was I surprised. It had the perfect amount of thriller, action, and character. I feel it was a more digestible Bourne movie without the extended action scenes, with a political angle I hadn’t seen before including the IRA. Characters were well developed, even though you don’t get a lot of backstory, you get all you need to know. The information was well timed throughout the movie. Exciting, intriguing and a definite recommend. Check it out on Netflix now if you want to have an edge of your seat experience.

Word Count: 97/100

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    • Craig

      Dude!! I miss you too! It’s been far too long, I know I went dark for a while. Twas for a purpose, but I am building up and am excited about this next chapter.

      In terms of Netflix, it’s a recommendation. But if you have other streaming services, it may be on there. It’s a fun movie, gets you invested in the characters… interestingly enough, I was more interested in the Pierce Brosnan character instead of the Jackie Chan character although it was a character.

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